My Impressions and Suggestions

  • I’ve benn playing the beta since it was released on Steam and I like how it is shaping up. Here are some issues I had so far and some suggestions:

    The Spartan
    I used mainly the Javelin archer in MW, but for some reason I don’t have as much fun playing as Spartan. The Shield and Sword attacks are a bit awkward and seem to have no reach. The Sword attacks also have very weird animations that can hit almost instantly if you are close to the enemy. I think the Spatan really needs to have all his attack animations overhauled, because the way it is now he is more of a facehug type of character.
    My suggestion would be to have him stab with the shield (like a punch) instead of swinging it horizontally, and then change the sword animations accordingly. The low reach of the shield attacks really shows when you have the Throwing Spears and try to combo: the difference in reach is so massive that your combos will rarely connect.
    The Throwing Spears also seem flawed to me:
    The Dory is superior to the other options in everything: Better reach and draggability, better melee damage, better ranged damage… the lower ammo is irrelevant because you can basically have infinite spears if you go recover them.
    There is also no reason to use the Mouse 1 spear stab, since the Scroll Up stab is superior in every way and is also combo-able.

    The Ninja:
    I mainly play with the Ninja in DW, and I think it is a very fun class. The biggest problem I have is with his secondary weapons: There is absolutely no reason to not choose the Shurikens. They are even a better alternative than the smokebomb against ranged, because you can flinch bowmen and pistol/crossbow reload. My suggestion would be to give the ninja the 4 shurikens for free (like the viking’s free shield) and let him pick another thing as a secondary.

    The Viking:
    I like the concept of the class, but I feel that the Berserk ability was a bad design decision, considering that long combo chains makes the animations desync (or at least it seems that way to me). Here is one idea I had: maybe give him a leap attack (like the Vanguard Charge)?
    Something like this: after you deal a certain amount of damage your Berserk meter fills up and when you press F and the Viking executes a leap attack instead of kicking. Then you could kill one target and then surprise another with a Leap Attack or deal some damage to a target and then use the leap to get away.

    The Knight:
    They seem to have too much health. Or maybe I’m just bad.

    (This is a bit more controversial, and I have little basis here beside my personal subjective impressions.)
    Somehow I feel that the slow “draggable” weapons have a bit of an edge over the other ones, specially now that footwork is so important in combat and it is harder to flinch. It’s not an outright advantage, but they do seem more vesatile than the other options, specially in group fights and if you consider that not all classes have draggable weapons. Those weapons also usually have more reach and deal more damage on top of that.
    The damage falloff mechanic (the red/green/blue tracers) does little to mitigate the issue, since even blue damage from a slow weapon is pretty close to red damage from the fast short weapons.
    My suggestion would be to crop a bit of the end of the swing animation of the weapons with slower release, to make the release shorter without having to make the weapon faster.
    Also, I get the feeling that longer and slower weapons have a double range advantage, since you can run a longer distance while attacking along with having a longer weapon. Maybe having the movement speed while attacking slowed in proportion to the release speed would make things better.
    After the patch I’ve been having fewer issues against those weapons, but I don’t know if it is because most players don’t have them unlocked or if the windup changes actually solved things. I haven’t played the game as much after the patch, so maybe I just haven’t gotten used to it yet.

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