Regen glitch

  • Before anyone says it was buffed, don’t worry I know, that is not the thing I’m talking about. :P

    The point is the increasing heal rate doesn’t reset, even when you hit full health. Someone who can survive a few battles will find their bodies instantly restored. I do use this a bit by burning myself before a fight, the extra regen I can grab in a few seconds is amazing….

    Also, has anyone heard the ninja on fire? Funniest thing ever:

    “People say fight fight with fire… who does that! Its stupid”

    “…I’m on fire!”

  • faster regen is the thing i like most about this patch.

    I’ve though at times that i’ve somehow gotten bonus speed by killing things, but not by taking damage. I’ve played free for all and def have taken some damage but i never noticed it go faster than it has been.

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