[i'd love to see] automated voice bytes

  • I’d love to see automated voice bytes, as in an option you can switch on which performs automatic voice interaction.
    -you hit a friendly player - your character automatically says sorry twice
    -you sprint for x distance (x = the distance it takes for the VG to start his special charge) - your character automatically sounds his charge cry.
    -when you respawn - your character calls out the objective
    -when you make a kill - you have a choice that you can select prior to play - laugh; taunt; compliment

    The reason i make this suggestion is that when you have players who get the characters talking a lot and its all in context the game is so much more fun and the atmosphere is great! It also helps to relieve the aggravation/tension that builds up during game play and just generally makes the game more fun.

    How hard can it be? :)

  • But if everyone says sorry automatically, that is the same as no-one saying it at all. I get that it would probably be optional, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.

    The charm of the voice commands in my opinion is the fact that you have to press the buttons to activate it, often risking death or serious maiming! Being in any way automatic, I think, would defeat the purpose of having it in the first place.

  • Yeah, i had thought about that, but the voice bytes have different tones and a few different recordings and then its different for each class too.

    For sure you wouldnt want it for every voice command.

    But i think a few battle cries here and there, a few comical ‘sorry’(s) from archers as they cap friendlies in the head with their cross bow. It’d keep the atmosphere and fun in the game.

    Theres a big difference between a silent game where no one does any voice bytes and one where you have people actively throwing a battle cry/charge or objective call or taunt.

    Given the diversity of classes, the tone change in the .wav’s, and the different .wav’s per sound byte (as in oops/sorry/blah) i think it’d work well.

    Maybe even some simple client side mod could do this?

  • I think the only automated voice command would be if a friend hits you, your character could automatically say something like “Stop that, I’m on your side, you knave!”

  • I think you’re on to something, although I feel like automating it takes away its value in some cases. For example, when I get hit by a teammate and hear him say “sorry!” I know he is actively going out of his way to press a combination of buttons to let me know it was an accident. This makes it feel genuine. If a teammate hits me and I know I’m going to receive a “sorry!” out of an automated response, it just doesn’t feel as real or personable. There’s just something about knowing there’s a real intent on the other side of it.

    But I do see where you’re coming from. It would definitely make it easier.

  • I can see it now, the griefer, his sights set on teamkilling you in spawn. He hits you once. “SORRY!”
    He hits you again. “Whoops! My folly brother.” Then again.

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