[IN PROGRESS] TO-Morning Raid

  • Hello fellow knights!

    So this is my first map with udk, and pretty much first map. Would like some constructive criticism and such. The map is far from finished, i think the layout is basically how i want it and now its just few details, clutter, kismet, etc…
    The objectives are, batter the gate, kill the peasants, then push the bomb to the objective. Will have more story soon.

    Battering Ram Route

    Statue Transportation Fail



    View from the bow of the objective


    So the ship i gotta find a way to ask the guys permission, got it from a free model site. Still workin on the materials for it. I’ll have pics of it if all goes well in a week or so, don’t have a whole bunch on time for this anymore.
    And as you can see there’s still a lot of details lacking in the playing areas, and a couple screenshots that didn’t upload, so yea ill be updating this in about a week or 2.

    Thanks for reading!

  • So far it’s looking great! I’m always interested in TO maps, so looking forward to more of the back story.

  • Story is a nice to have. Regarding permissions of a singe model the chance they care are slim to none.

    Keep going, it will likely be challenging but I think the community will help with technical issues.

    Good luck !

  • Hey, thank you guys for the support! Got a little more done today, nothin worth takin more pics over though. I usually come up with a bit more story every time i try to sleep so that part will be done pretty soon i believe.

  • Looks good! Although I’m not a fan of the fog.

    Any updates?

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