Weapons in dw should be a big more shiny

  • what i mean with that is the weapons are a good amount thinner than the big swords out of chivalery, making it extreamly hard to see them sometimes, combined with the overall added speed to the game, for me it feels like the most weapons are much faster than in chivalery, so i thought what about adding smth that u can see them better maybe good reflection from the polished swords or smth. i also had the feeling that the fighting is not that round like in chivalery. for me it feels like the weapon have much less range and u need to look someone in the eyes to hit him. also missing a bit the charge XD and a weapon which is compareable with the german longsword just loved to play it in normal chivalery. i also think that most ranged weapons should be nerfed, i mean every class is somehow an archer and if for excemple a viking throw a hammer or shield at u it kills you. for my taste every class should be able to pick 4 smoke pots. since i use them in normal chivalery i get killed much less if u fight 2-3 oponents and see archers beind them u can throw the pots and the archer will hit there mates and u can kill alll XD

  • I’m having an extremely hard time seeing some weapons in the shadowed duel areas. (And shadowed areas in general)
    I’d also appreciate if weapons in general were a bit more visible, so to say, perhaps by making them “shiny” like OP suggested.

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