Ninja Rolling

  • Few things I’ve noticed about ninja rolling.

    The animation when you roll to the left or right (can’t remember which it was) is faster than when you roll to the opposite side, but you still travel the same distance. The slower roll is fluent and looks good, the fast one does not.

    Second thing, rolling and hitting in succession is buggy and makes you extremely slow during the attack, not allowing you to move really. This only affects online play and is not apparent in training, which leads me to believe it is not intentional (ie. it’s a bug).

    Hopefully these get fixed soon, keep up the good work at TB :)

  • This is a re-post that I feel is very relavent.

    I agree but feel this is locked in with a bigger problem. That being “velcro shoes”, allow me to elaborate. Under many circumstances a character will be forced to stop moving (shield blocking an attack, after a hard kick giving and receiving, after a ninja roll etc…). The problem is that many times your character will not continue moving afterwards and is effectively stuck in place. This is a huge problem in a game where positioning and footwork are very important. This doesn’t even take into account the many places on various maps (especially stairs!) where you get stuck in place. If they fix this momentum problem then the ninja roll will be fixed as well.

    This would not be a “problem” if it where consistent. However, it is anything but consistent. Sometimes you have to reapply your forward key and sometimes you do not. I am not sure of the solution one way or another. There certainly needs to be consistency of this game is to become remotely competitive.

  • I’ll just go ahead and re-post my video here. Apparently, this issue not only applies to the Ninja.

    As for the rolling, I’ve also found the lack of momentum in a follow-up attack extremely infuriating.

  • I noticed the exact same thing with the bo staff. Makes heavy kicks against shielded players useless with that weapon.

    While we’re at it, Side rolls with the Kama are very short for some reason.

    And tracers are all red (100% damage) with the Bo Staff’s overheads and slashes.

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