[READ FIRST] Looking for a clan?

  • Since it’s been a year, I decided to create a new thread so we can start fresh and new.

    If you are looking for clan, then I direct you to list of active clans first, as it lists all active clans in Chivalry right now.

    Otherwise, if you don’t want to look through all the clans, please post the following below to reduce clutter of this section. The more details you provide, the better the chance of a clan picking you up! It’s also recommended to join various clan servers and play with members regularly so they can get to know you.

    Best/2nd Class:
    Hours played:
    Steam account:
    Other info:

    (Once you have joined a clan, please make a note in your post, so that other clans don’t try to recruit you. Thanks!)

  • Location: Netherlands (Europe)
    Rank: 17
    Best class: MAA
    2nd Best class: Archer
    Hours played: 43
    Steam account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/maivre/
    Other info: I may not have too much time, I am busy with school, but I will be playing at least every other night.

  • Location: NA, East Coast
    Rank: 44
    Best/2nd Class: Knight, Knight
    Hours played: 732
    Steam account: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/Sir_Squidacus/
    Other info: Love competitive play and Chivalry. Work well with a team. Hate DW

  • I really enjoy this theme you’ve got on in your web page.

  • Location: Amsterdam
    Best/2nd Class: Vanguard(1st spear)/Knight (3rd sword, tower Shield mostly on back. Use the shield when the server is full of archers:P )
    Hours played: 155
    Steam account:faris_elghoul1
    Other info: I have enough of swingers. In need of some clanwars and teamplay.

  • @Faris:

    Location: Amsterdam
    Best/2nd Class: Vanguard/Knight
    Hours played: 155
    Steam account:faris_elghoul1
    Other info: I have enough of swingers. In need of some clanwars and teamplay.

    Haha, yeah I guess that on a lot of servers a lot of people just lmb spam =)
    especially after a steam sale :x (look at those LVL 5 :O)
    I hope you find something nice.

    People should also write down their favorite/Best weapon with the class. I mean a speer Vanguard plays differently from a Sword vanguard. A bit like this:

    Best/2nd Class: Vanguard(Greatsword and Brandi and smokepots :D)/ Knight(Longsword no shield)

    That should help i think.

  • I edited my post :)


  • Location: United Kingdom
    Rank: 13
    Best/2nd Class: Vanguard (Billhook/Zweihander), Man At Arms (War Axe/Dane Axe)
    Hours played: 21
    Steam account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/baboon81uk
    Other info: Looking to play in a tournament. Open to playing different classes.

  • Location: Belgium
    Rank: 20
    Best/2nd Class: Knight/Vanguard
    Hours played: 92 (with deadliest warrior, I don’t know how long I’ve played Medieval Warfare alone)
    Steam account: Crunchy555
    Other info: I’m mostly looking for a group of people to play competetively with, but also to screw around with at times.

  • I’m LAVA. I started out playing competitive chivalry in the original HL2 mod that ChivMW is based on. I played a lot of competitive chivalry earlier this year and I’d like to get back into it. I haven’t stopped playing, just dropped from the scene for a while. I ran the Arete Warriors clan which was one of the top teams at the time. I would like to join a team with great players to learn from and train with. I’m interested in a clan that is relatively small, but already established and functioning.

    Location: just outside of Chicago
    Rank: 42
    Class: Knight/vanguard about equal. I focus on greatsword/zwei, and longsword or sword and board.
    Hours: 600
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197962601870

  • Hi Folks, I am looking for a clan to practice and hone my skills with. I can hold my own but I lack the advanced skills of others I have run in to and I think I missing some aspects of combat.
    Location: Fayetteville, NC
    Rank:27 (Bugged or stuck at this level forever)
    Class: Vanguard, then Knight ( Use the Zwei Mostly)
    Hours 342
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/hagenthesteady

  • Looking to train with others and compete as a team.
    Location: Fayetteville, NC
    Rank 27
    Class vanguard, then knight
    Hours 342
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/hagenthesteady

  • Location: France
    Rank: 24
    Best/2nd Class: Knight / Men at Arm
    Hours played: 62
    Steam account: Dimodead
    Im searching for a French or english clan, to play with funny and experimented guys

  • Location: France
    Rank: 24
    Best/2nd Class: Knight, men at arms
    Hours played: 64
    Steam account: Dimodead

  • Location: Greece
    Best/2nd Class:Vanguard/maa
    Hours played:123
    Steam account:k4ts0u
    Other info: I’m looking for a European clan to play with.

  • Location: USA West
    Rank: 42
    Best/2nd Class: Van/Maa I’ve used random for most every game for the last 100+ hours so I’m good with all classes/weapons
    Hours played: 500+
    Steam account: TheSavageSlayer
    Other info: I like to joke and have fun but really enjoy helping people even if it sacrifices my k/d, nothing better than a good run with a good other player or two, been known to win TO games with 1 other good player helping me every life.

  • Locale: EU CET/UTC+1
    Rank: 42
    Class: Knight
    Hrs played: 500+
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/alterbyme/
    Other info:

    • Youtube channel with a plethora of videos showcasing my abilities: http://www.youtube.com/user/alterbyme
    • Seeking competitive-minded clan
    • Coming off of a 4 month hiatus
      No longer seeking

  • Location: UK
    Rank: 24 but it’s not accurate as I had the level 5 rank bug for ages, so who knows what it would be.
    Best: Van with Zwei
    2nd: Hard to say, I like using different variations of Van weapons. Probably Knight with SoL. Also like to be an archer too.
    Hrs: 200+
    Steam: elliottrb

    I’m looking for a good clan which don’t take themselves too seriously.

  • Loin does not join clans of plebs or peons or crass ufo’s however if your clan sends me a message I will
    consider it off course while I eat my pink wafers and drink my Horlicks tbh.

  • Edit: joined USA

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