[CHIV] Keybinds being jumbled

  • My key binds become completely jumbled, and I am completely unable to play the game. My w key is swapped to x, a to q, ’ to ~, and every other nonsensical swap you can think of. It only happens in Chivalry, and as far as I can tell it’s completely random. Last time I had to uninstall the game for it to temporarily fix, but now it’s back after 15 or so matches. I’ve played pretty extensively offline while this is happening, but it never occurs in offline games with bots. I also open up notepad and all my keys work absolutely fine while tabbed, but are still fucked when I tab back in game. Could this be a hack, or just some other crazy problem?:

  • Welcome the Shiv…

    The semi best way to keep your settings is to set them how you want them and save.
    Return to the main menu then ALT TAB out of game.
    Go to My Documents/My Games/Chivalry Medieval Warfare/Config/UDKGame.ini
    Right click on UDKGame.ini and chose Properties.
    Put a check in the READ ONLY box and hit APPLY
    Then right click again on UDKGame.ini and chose Copy
    Then Past a copy which should be UDKGame(2).ini which will be your back up copy

    You can do the same with UDKSystemSettings.ini to save your game settings.

    But sadly any and all updates can and do rewrite these files and sometimes even by replacing them with your copies can screw up the game sometimes. I have been bitching about this every patch and update.

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