• I know there was beheading and lots of gore in Medieval Warfare, but I’ve been playing for 45min so far and I barely see any blood whatsoever and have yet to decapitate or cut a limb off anyone, or even see it happen to someone else or myself. Also video settings are maxed.

    Have I just not managed to do it yet or has this actually been taken out…???

  • What country are you in? I believe certain countries have gore limits if I am correct. If you are in the states make sure your ragdoll timer is not set to zero. However it could be a new bug as well.

  • Sorry this was meant to on Deadliest Warrior forum, but the question still remains…I live in Canada and on medival warfare all the gore is there - just no where in sight on Deadliest warrior :x

  • It happens less frequently in DW, (due to the speed, I guess) but the gore is still fully featured in the game, nothing has been toned down mechanically from what I’ve seen.

  • I don’t think its restricted in any country. I mean Australia still has the full gore by the looks of things and they are one of the strictest countries in the world.

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