• It doesn’t matter what class I play but I notice with increased frequency I’ll keep getting locked out of parrying after finishing a combo, With the viking this is more apparent because I’ll be finishing a combo and go to parry and then it like the game has a mind of it’s own and continues to the combo.

    I dislike any sort of queueing on button inputs because it takes away any sort of control away from the player and if I decide to change my mind and I wanna parry instead of comboing, I’m just left there stuck in the mud having to take the blow, I’ve only noticed this just recently, With the spartan it’s a little different I’ll finish a combo and I’ll go to parry and the spartan will half raise his shield like the animations have spazzed out and it’s like the shields doesn’t do anything.

    I do know I changed “AttackQueueWindowSeconds” in the config settings I need others settings to determine whether or not it’s that which is causing the problem.

  • if you’re coming from MW you’re probably noticing the lack of the Panic Parry

    which is good thing

    oh besides that though, I have noticed a weird thing with the Viking that attacks when I’m not expecting him to, like the attack ques up forever ago and just gets the chance to throw out

  • that’s exactly what happens, I’ll be doing nothing I’ll end a combo with a viking and they won’t block all of a sudden they’ll keep attacking.

  • –-------

  • I’ll need to try testing it out a bit more, but sometimes I’ll combo, then miss a parry, then attack again directly after without hitting attack

  • I’ve noticed that cues are definitely more prevalent in this game, there really needs to be an adjustment slider in settings.

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