So why up the xp?

  • on behalf of those of us stuck using the crap weapons because our profiles never save and we cant unlock things to begin with even slowly id like to say thanks for the xp boost its great missing out out on even more ;)

  • I’d still like to know for sure (because I already assume) if the levels gained in beta will revert to zero on launch.

  • debugging. i’m pretty sure the changelog specifies that. it’s increased so that TB can more easily see the effects of xp gain and ensure things are being unlocked properly, within a shorter timespan

    the values will be reverted before launch.

  • found a fix, for me anyway , if i play on an American server it saves my progress and i get to unlock weapons. of course i have to do t with north of 200 ping and server full of Americans bitching about me being there but at last i got to use something other than the katana!

    why the official European servers dont save my progress is anyones guess.

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