Outside or under the map

  • Hi,

    since yesterday I got a problem where I can normally log in, but when I am on the server I have no hud (can’t even press esc to get a menu to leave, have to alt+f4 the game) and the camera is somewhere outside, or under the map (different from map to map). Tested the beta of the new game and have the same problem there.

    I already tried reinstalling but that did no different. - Somehow, some servers work just normal. I saw some threads talking about “cannot join official servers” but never with the the issue that I acutally get into the server, but have got no hud/menu/teamselect with the camera under/outside the map.

  • If you’re on a server and open the console (’) then type ‘reconnect’ it should reconnect yuo to the same server. Does the issue still occur? I’m trying to work out whether it’s specific servers or something on the client side? I’ve had similar when I initially join the server where it looks like I’m external to the map then after a second or so I pop into the spawn screen and everything is fine.

  • Try verifying your steam game cache. It helped me - had the exact same problem.

  • I did verifiy both games chiv MW and deadliest warriors, did not help, and reconnect in the consol did nothing it just said: >>Reconnect<< but nothing happens

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