This game laggs !

  • I just bought this game and I was really exited about it because it looked really cool, but when I started it it was so sloooow.
    I put the graphics at the lowest and im now using “Razer Game Booster” but its still lagging, i’ve got 20 ips out of combat and 10 in combat. I have a normal ping and a good computer :
    MSI with i5-3210M and an Nvidia GeForce GT 640M / 2GB DDR3 (Well I guess its not bad im playing Just Cause 2 and Disonored on max graphics with no laggs). If someone as any idea what is happening or any advice it would be really nice to share :) .

    (I hope my english is good enough, i’m French)

  • Having the same problem. My computer isn’t the best thing out there but it is no slouch. I’ve been able to run any recent pc game I buy. I purchased this game because I loved Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, but when I start up Deadliest Warrior it laggs/runs horribly. Please help/fix, I do not appreciate paying $15 to not be able to play a game I know my pc can run.

  • Well for one: there’s a difference between an unstable FPS and lag.

    Usually(NOT always) lag refers to internet issues like having a 200ms ping and therefore warping around the map.
    You’re talking about your game being more of a slideshow than an actual game.
    UDK is known for being quite the intensive engine even for high-end computers. Search the forums for .ini patches, there are a lot out there that, although seriously worsening the look of the game, can truly boost your FPS.

    My personal experience is that these are best to turn off/change when you’re encountering FPS issues:

    *Turn Dynamic Lights off. It makes a huge difference in both framerate and, I’m sorry, the look of the game.

    *Set the slider for Blood Decal and Ragdoll Length to somewhere around the minimum. Unless you want to end up with a huge pile of bodies who’s very sole purpose is to destroy your PC, setting the bodies to disappear after around 20 seconds is a normal time without your computer having to load a ton of corpses all the time.

    *If you’re experiencing FPS drops mainly in combat, turn Detail, Character Quality and Textures to a minimum.

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