Your Most Fun Moment(s) So Far

  • What have been your most fun moments in DW so far? Mine was just last night. It was a multi-team deathmatch on Fortress and I picked Ninja.

    There was only one other Ninja and we decided to roleplay. So we were crouch-walking and rolling throughout the entire map talking about the evil Samurai taking our farmland. We also set up ambushes by hiding our bodies inside trees, once those evil samurai approached we pounced on them.

    Eventually two other guys got in on the act so we had a squad of roleplaying ninjas stealthily moving throughout the entire map, all in a tight-knit squad. Hehe, one time we were setting up an ambush by hiding in the water. One of us was killed due to idling and we panicked and ran begging the water spirits for forgiveness.

    Before the match ended all four of us found a big battle full of vikings, knights, spartans, and the evil samurai. We all crouched and hid behind a rock waiting for the chaos to die down. There was only one samurai left. We all began to slowly walk menacingly towards the samurai, circling him and pinning him at a tree. Then at the same time we all pounced on him, tearing out his entrails. Once the samurai was killed we all chanted “DEATH TO THE EMPEROR!” and the entire server had a good laugh. ^_^

  • LTS, acropolis:

    I was in a group of 5 vikings and we didn’t lose any time, we rushed straight forward, then we turn a corner and see at medium range a party of pirates drinking rum, jumping and laughing, which didn’t see us yet. We (by pure chance, I guess) start battlecrys, synchronize our weapons/shield throws, and no throw misses, only 1 pirate was left, who got instagibbed 2 seconds later by a shield throw to the head, exploding. It was glorious.

  • I think the most fun moments I’ve had in the game so far are those moments I manage to kill many attacking enemies all by myself, which actually happens more frequently in this game than it did in MW. ^^

    Duels with someone on just your level are always great.

    Kicking someone into the hole in Acropolis is as glorious as Sparta itself. If only I could yell THIS IS SPARTA on the mic!

    Also, with the Ninja I’ve been able to pull off a perfect meteor-overhead strike from great height at two times! (With no fall damage, it’s so extremely satisfying)

  • Last Team Standing: I’m the sole survivor of the ninja team, and 3 Spartans are closing in on me. I issue a taunt, turn my back, and run around the corner. They all battle cry and chase me. As soon as the first one turns the corner, I leap out and attack with a ninjato overhead. He’s hurt, but now he’s got buddies. Through at least 30 seconds of fighting, I kick, slash, run and shuriken my way past all 3 of their shields, winning the round for my team. My teammates were shouting their praise, and the Spartans were accusing me of hacking. It was fantastic.

  • Great stories guys, keep 'em coming!

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