Changing the game mode of a map?

  • Hello

    Ever since the first major content patch, I’ve badly wanted to play the duel maps with more than just one opponent. I’m more than convinced that several, if not all the duel maps would make perfect 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 maps in TDM, but foremost LTS! (Dare I suggest 5v5?)
    So my question to this dear modding community would simply be: Is it possible for me (or someone more competent) to basically import the duel maps included in the game and turn them into LTS and TDM maps?

    And to TBS, I ask: Would this be okay with you? I can’t help but to think there is a reason to why the maps aren’t playable in other game modes already.

    Thank you for any answer!

  • No need to mod anything. Go to the server udkgame.ini config and change this line:






    There might be some issues with running them in LTS mode though, because there is only one spawn. If someone stands on top of the spawn at the beggining of the round the rest of the team won’t be able to spawn.

  • Besides, most of these maps are bad for multiple people. The fps will likely go way down on maps like diningroom and courtyard.
    To avoid the spawn issue however, you could spawn people in different realities and then bring them back to reality 0 when they are out of the spawn point.
    Changing the spawn position around a spawn point could cause you to spawn a player inside an object or in a non-preferred volume (water, out of level, etc), and performing checks to avoid that could be expensive to the game (remember that the game wastes a lot of cpu time on its own).

    If you are thinking about team duels, this is the best that I could think of viewtopic.php?f=51&t=16263
    However, thanks to TBS, it’s been hanging for months.

  • you can already do this

    when you have admin password

    admin servertravel duel-tower?game=aoc.aoctdm

    for example, it even works lol i once put the dining hall map to 32 player FFA :D

  • Oh, nice!
    I just hope it works properly. :P (And also, that I could get the bloody server thing to work)

  • I was able to edit the gametype on existing duel maps and upload to workshop. I wanted to do the same thing as you so I added TD/LTS/FFA for Shipyard/Courtyard/Bridge. Feel free to add me on steam with any questions on the process, but it really is as simple as changing the game type and adding/adjusting spawns.

    May be able to help with server issue as well if I knew what was going on

  • Wow, great!
    As for the server, the issue is probably just incompetence on my part. :P

  • I doubt it, the only reason I think I may be able to help is because I ran into similar issues setting mine up to test with.

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