You have effectivly made a new game, Do I Have to PAY for it

  • No room for a question mark, but seriously with all of this work you have gone a long way from a humble source-mod to your own game, my question is will you need to pay for it? I have probably missed this little tidbit somewhere in the forums or some dusty webpage but can you tell me,Yes-No? If so? and How much?

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    Chivalry will be released as a commercial title and you will have to pay for the game, yes.

    The cost of the game is still being discussed and will be decided upon when we have assessed the game later on in development.

    We will be sure to inform the community of a release date and cost once we have these set in stone.

  • pretty sure everyone assumes 20 or 30 dollars American, least, the people I’ve talked to do

  • man, there was this one time I paid for it in Tijuana, and now I have a thing on my balls.

  • tmi mike, but thanks for the input

  • Really though, I can’t wait to have an excuse to pay a few bucks back to these fellows. Actually, I probably did have that chance before, in the form of donations or something; The important thing is, I have no choice BUT to pay em this time.

  • @Mike:

    man, there was this one time I paid for it in Tijuana, and now I have a thing on my balls.


  • @gluestiq:


    man, there was this one time I paid for it in Tijuana, and now I have a thing on my balls.


    STD boo.

  • moving along, $30 is probably the reasonable limit for pricing, but as it isn’t my game, I don’t choose what to charge for it. I’d personally be happier if it were $15 for example, but I’m not too fussed if it’s more.

  • I tend to get a ridiculous amount of playtime out of games like these. I’ve been playing almost exclusively Mount&Blade for the last two years now, with only short intervals of other games. Best 2x €25 ever spent. If I enjoy Chivalry, it’ll probably also give me entertainment for a year or so. So I’m willing to pay anything that a normal commercial game would charge.

  • While I agree with a possible max price of $30 I think the biggest struggle you will have is marketing and distribution. As the original was a free mod, you had the advantage of Steam helping with the marketing. I think again you will be in a position that while you will have some original players and big fans that will pay any price, most of them will only pay maybe $15 max. Now I am not attempting to put a real value on the game but more of a realistic value of cost to get max players and fan base rolling.

    I am sure you guys have already thought of this. I have done a lot of local marketing via internet, radio and tv advertising over the years and for the best exposure for the $$$ Time Warner Cable is your best bet as you can target your exact demographic by age gaming, history fan, etc. Then again I am assuming that you have little to no marketing budget so you will be depending on internet and gorilla marketing for the majority. Since that is the case, following up with any and all gaming venues that have review, written, and or played the original MOD should be followed up upon, no doubt along with X-play or that entire network.

    Have you guys actually been documenting the creation process via video documentary? It is a great way to get the word out free through youtube or even a professional video production house. I have lots of friends in that industry but if you could snag a few art institute/video students to work with you guys you could get it shot and edited for free.

    Anyway, lots of luck and continued success.

  • Developer

    Appreciate the feedback, we have some marketing ideas but I can admit that it is a struggle. Last time we were able to release the game, then build a community around it, this time around we’re trying to build the community before the game. We have some plans along the lines of some things you’ve mentioned with documenting the developer process and will be in contact with many news sites for reviews and previews as well.

    I think that marketing is actually the single most impactful way that the community can help us make this game great. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool and we will certainly need the support of the community in addition to our own marketing efforts in order for this project to be a success.

  • Have you looked into video game distributors other than Steam? There are several that can actually get your game into stores like Best Buy, Game Stop, Walmart and the like. You can actually contact those corporate offices and see what their policies are in getting your game into the stores and that is really where the money is at. I do know you can actually go to Walmart corp offices and pitch your game as well. Look into it. Because getting game CDs in stores is where you can get maximum price for your product.

  • I’ve been wondering something for quite a while. Will this game be available through retail CD? or, will it stay via online purchase/download.

  • @Iron-Sentinel:

    I’ve been wondering something for quite a while. Will this game be available through retail CD? or, will it stay via online purchase/download.

    We have been thinking about this issue but we do not have a final decision as of right now. We will release this information closer to release.

  • Doesn’t selling the game via online platforms such as Steam solve multiplayer piracy (Need to be logged on to even be able to contact the master server, etc.) and reduce the per-copy cost (Some bandwith instead of needing to manufacture + secure + ship + locally distribute DVD’s(/Blu-rays?)

    That is, unless, for example, if you’re going to publish on Steam, Valve wants a big cut of the profit for lending their services.

  • Do we need to buy any Unreal games in addition to Chivalry to be able to play? Or is it going to be its own standalone game?

  • Developer

    Will be a stand-alone game.

  • Well i would pay $50 dollars for the game without qualm as I have been playing it for so long and no other game has came anywhere near that playtime.

  • I would pay full price for this. It looks beautiful. It looks like it plays beautifully. I have many epic stories ot last minute objective runs, or large teams clashing on the battlefield in AoC, and I have had more fun doing that than any other medieval-type game I’ve played.

    Personally, no matter how you market it, as long as I know it’s coming out, I will stay up late just to buy it at midnight.

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