Custom maps! - Slaughter begins! (screenshots)

  • Yeah, screenshots say all:

    Even Tibbs and Kimi joined us!

    Great server, cool maps - had a blast!

  • Oh man. I feel like I missed out big time on this.
    My comp is dead and I’m playing on a shitty one atm. Only able to play duel mode on Deadliest Warrior. Frame lags too bad otherwise.
    So jelly, looks like a lot of fun.

  • Hey someone got my map working!! :D

    I haven’t even played it on a server yet…
    Yay I got the server working and it’s heaps of fun! Finally got to test my TO map and work out tons of bugs to fix that don’t show up with bots.

    What’s this though, I can’t play some of my own maps?

  • I played one custom map, then waited about four minutes for another to load before hitting the ol’ ALT f4. How long should it take to load thesE?

    And now that I try to play the same server (with 11 files) it tells me I still need to download 3, though I believe I’ve downloaded all I need to play this server (unless the guy uploaded them in the middle of playing?). However it won’t let me download now, it says something about the package failing.

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