How can i implement PTB and HTB on my server?

  • Hi,

    before the patch 3 i had LTS and TD on my server and it worked like it should be. Now I´m trying to implement PTB and HTB……but it doesn´t work. The server starts with HTP and after that my votemaplist contains of game modes which i didn´t put in. I most do something wrong, but I´m to stupid to figure out what i do wrong. Maybe someone can help me. Big thanks to erverybody who is trying to help!

  • Did you update to latest server with steamcmd? (just to be sure)

  • @OmmNomNom:

    Did you update to latest server with steamcmd? (just to be sure)


    i have a server from Simrai. Not sure what steamcmd is, but SimRai gives you a side where you can log in and do the server stuff. One option is Steam update, which i used to update the server.

    The server works and it is listed in the server list from Deadliest Warrior. Only Problem is the maps/votemap, which don´t works as it should or as it did before the patch.

    Thanks for you´re reply and sorry for my clumsy english.

  • Just set mine up and it’s running ok, didn’t get to read all through your votemap list yet but found 1 flaw

    You have lines like:

    the game=CDW.AOCHTB should just be game=CDW.HTB

  • Thank you,

    so does this mean i need to get rid of AOC for every game mode or only for HTB and TB both in the maplist and votemaplist? I´m realy new when it comes to setting up stuff like this.

  • Hi,

    like BlaZe said…you need to get rid of AOC for PTB, HTB……but keep AOC for all the other game modes.

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