Is the rank/experience system working properly? bugs

  • i noticed the recent patchlogs mention that kills now temporarily give 500 xp as a debug measure. what is the normal value?

    i played a round as a pirate, igot one kill and thusly 500 xp. The end score table said i’d gained 500 xp, and that i now have 0 xp total, and need 0 xp to reach the next rank, which 0. Those numbers don’t quite add up. This persisted onto the score screen at the start of the next round.
    I tried to view my profile, but it wouldn’t respond. I had to disconnect from the server to be able to view it. i don’t know if that’s intended, but if so, why is the option even there in the esc menu ?

    Looking in my profile once i left the server, my pirate section says i have 2650 exp, and that i need 1060, that my current rank is 0 and the next rank is 1.

    looking at two other classes which i never play (or haven’t since things were last reset), i see exactly the same values, except that my xp is 0. It still says i need 1060 to reach rank 1.

    The logical deduction from that is that all classes require 1060 xp to reach the first rank, and that my pirate class has either bugged out and not ranked up when it should have, or that it’s not really rank 0 at all, and the rank information is being shown incorrectly

    Lucas’ post about the patch seems to indicate that this will be the last version before the game is released. I don’t know if these experiences are just on my end, but it seems to me that the system isn’t quite ready for primetime yet.

  • Yea, seems like experience gain is still bugged

  • “but hey, we’re gonna release it anyway and make another chivalry: Catastrophy, cus at the end of the day… what can you do about it?”

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