Wind-up speed

  • Am I the only one who preferred it before they changed it?

    I feel the patch that they released a while ago that changed the wind-up speed made the game feel sluggish, slow-paced and honestly boring for me. I know they changed the recovery time but I liked it more when it wasn’t like this. Has Torn Banner thought about changing it back or putting it between .025 and .075, If so I would like to know.

  • Windups weren’t increased from .025 to .075, that is a ridiculously low window for a windup to be - they were increased by .025 to .075 depending on the attack, depending mostly on how much the recovery was reduced.

    For example, the Hatchet slash had a .375 windup and is now .4; Naginata overhead was .6 and is now .675. So it was about a 5-10% increase in windup times with a 40-60% reduction in recovery times. Without increasing windups slightly we’d have had to make combos stupidly fast or else it would be barely slower to attack twice in a row without comboing.

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