Losing weapons and progress

  • I saw in the big list of solutions that people are losing weapons and progress, but it only says to try restarting steam and to try official servers. I’ve tried both of those. More often than not, I’m losing progress I make towards new weapons. I’ve unlocked the morning star 4 times only to have it taken away every time.

  • It happens to me too.

    I bought the game about 5 days ago. After first gaeming session or maybe more i got to rank 11 and unlock almost all on Man at Arms xcept last axe. Since than after4 days of gaming and constant unlocking of new weapons on every class everytime i leave the game all progress gets deleted. I tried restarting the steam, I play on official servers only, i scoured the forums for some fix o r solution and NOTHING.

    As a paying customer im getting really angry about wasting my money on a game with such BLATANT HUGE and GAMEBREAKING bug. Even the fact that i MYSELF have to look for solution to play the game i PAID for is fucked up.

    I wonder if you guys from Torn Banner are able to take responsibility for your product. If not you can and will crash and burn as all other lousy game delelopers.

  • Funny, calling this a technical support forum and offering no…support or answer. You just dont give a shit do you? Well then…fuck you too.

  • I have to agree.

    This is a crippling problem with a game that I paid for and would like to play and recommend to friends.

    How can this issue not be addressed? At all. Restarting Steam is a joke non-answer and that post isn’t even by a developer or employee, it’s just some player who seems to care more about the game than they do.

    Please fix this problem fast.

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