Any tdm servers without semi-ffa

  • I See quite a few servers in Europe offering tdm but half the time they are on some semi ffa mode where you have 6 teams and by the end of the match you have 2/3 bigger ones and a few people left alone, I really don’t like that mode and I am looking for a tdm server that doesn’t have this ridiculous mode, 3 teams is fine, but 6 on a 20 player server is just silly.

  • It always takes a few days for all servers to be up and running properly after a patch. (ime)
    Also, this isn’t exactly prime time for European servers.

  • In general its pretty hard to find servers that don’t have that in the rotation even at prime time

  • Its becuase TB are as bad as valve.

    Releasing their patches on a Friday their time and everywhere else in the world its a Saturday. SO yeah they contact the server owners. Problem is no one is there to recieve that message. No one is there to update the servers. And they all sleep in.

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