Can someone explain to me why I often can't raise my shield?

  • Using javelines, I frequently find that in a close fight I can’t raise my shield when I need it. From my perspective, it looks almost as if I’m tripping on something or just glitching, like an animation has been interrupted - I can’t see the animation or what’s causing it.

    It’s not simply because I’ve been bashed or stunned, it happens all the time. I also don’t use shield with any other class so I’m not all familiar with shield mechanics.

  • [deleted] for some reason i though you were talking about dw, didn’t look at the subsection.

  • this is a bug that’s been in since release (at least i hope it’s a bug and not a “feature”, maybe it will be fixed someday). if you throw and then take damage whilst in the reload, it entirely re-sets the reload animation and you’re unable to raise it again for ages. unfortunately it means that if you miss at close range, you’re probably dead if your opponent combos because there is no way to block his attacks. probably the most irritating aspect of playing jav.

    edit: to clarify, if the opponent combos then it will repeatedly re-set the animation each time you’re hit (making you unable to raise your shield) until you’re dead.

  • [confirmed] seen it

  • in my limited experience with shields this issue seems to be limited to the javelin and shield combination, and is actually the reason I never specialised with the class.

  • It is why the only real jav is the short spear, the other two screw you over with this bug and noraml inability to block for ages after a throw.

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