Excessive crashing with latest patch

  • I have been experiencing a large amount of crashes with this game, not just this patch but the last one as well. I can’t play this game anymore because it blue screened my computer, but I will post some info here in case it helps.

    I would also like to note that I routinely get the out of video memory error even though I have all settings on low, all extra features off, running 1920x1080 with a GTX 770. Not sure if this matters but I am running a dual screen setup, with my operating system on a boot drive C and steam running on my hard drive E. Somehow I doubt that my computer, which has no problem running Planetside 2 on High settings, is having trouble running this game.

    Last 2 log files, and my dxdiag is attached. The dmp file has 0kb size and won’t upload properly.

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