• Wouldn’t it be nice if higher hp class regen was a little slower than the low hp classes?

  • everyone has 100 hp though

    and no, that would not be nicer at all

  • @BB:

    everyone has 100 hp though

    and no, that would not be nicer at all

    This. All classes have 100hp but they have different resistances. Not a good idea to have differing regen levels. As a lighter class, try to not get hit as much. I don’t mean that in a demeaning way, just pick your battles better. Go for 1 on 1s or stealth kills or cut an enemy off rather than tanking with a class not designed to tank. Sure, being a ninja is ‘cool’ but I see so many people playing them simply because they’re ninja and running around, yelling voice commands and ruining any stealth advantages they could have had as well as attempting to hit-trade. Sirry ninja. I digress.



  • I do not agree with your suggestion or opinion. I shall assert my forum dominance by insulting your skill and making demeaning sexual comments about your mother. Allow me to proceed.

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    Constructive post over.

  • leave it be, i love it

  • Health regen is fine right now…

  • health regen was a good idea… yet its bugged… sometimes its very slow, and sometimes its faster than anything in the game…

    being out of combat for 5 seconds should NOT make you health jump from 5% to 100% in 3-4 seconds…

  • i like the new ultra hp regen in the way that it also pressures ranged enemies to really get close quarters after they have landend hits in order not to let you, their opponent, heal.
    BUT besides this and maybe being a solid idea for a chaotic 64player ffa or tdm it is definitely the worst design choice that could happen to the game, cause for say normal player numbers, a solid server, tactical combat and lts it is horrofiyng desing choice.

    let me tell you why.

    fighting against groups has been made far more difficult in the way that different hit and dmg zones were introduced, meaning it is not just about who hits first but also about who hits (more) correctly in the way the animation is displayed (probably to make an abuse of the accelerating system more punishing and not rewarding, which is very good, in theory).
    generally i like the idea though obviously the implementation is still pretty crude due to the fact that you still can abuse this mechanics in combination with some weird parry boxes that even work when looking halfways down.

    BUT now, not only did they made it harder to compete against groups soloing in the way of forcing the outnumbered player not only to hit first but forcing him to hit precise which is of course harder to accomplish when you’re as said fighting against groups, NO they also introduced extremely fast hp regen which gives the group even more advantages and makes succesfull winning against groups though even playing better not only hard but rather impossible…

    if you’re playing solo against say only 2 mediocore players and they’re not dumb, one of them will always go out of the fight for few seconds and then join in full health again.

    the only solution i can imagine so far is either drastically reduce the health regen again to the state it was before, to a state where you have to actually care about the dmg you are strucked by, play tactically with your health no matter if the dmg is done by enemies or your own teammates (btw:they have made teamdamage also smaller!); though this would again remove “pressuring ranged enemies to get ccq”
    OR give players who are making kills a regen bonus so that if you’re fighting against a group and killed one or two of them whilst some douches are waiting outside again and regen, you do also regen but maybe start doing it immediatley!!; this would be a kind of compromise of both.

    the way it is now, with that crazy hp regen and the different damage zones, fighting against groups has totally lost its point.
    this also heavily contradicts the idea of making the game more “skillbased” cause in fact it does the opposite.

    edit: if this is the wrong place to post this cause it has nothing to do with the op’s strange idea, i’m gonna open my own topic cause i think this issue has to addressed immediately. release is in 4 days!!

  • @Mgqc:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if higher hp class regen was a little slower than the low hp classes?

    why would you want that? health regen is fine at this moment
    according to your post ninjas and pirates would be like allways 100hp and knights 10hp…
    that would a huge disavantage…

  • yo I didn’t say it would take an hour to regen, calm down! Just a little slower, cause I think it would be balanced if the tank didn’t get his full armor within 2-3 sec, geez i’m talking about something like

    low hp: (dunno the number now) from 3-5 sec

    high hp: 7-8 sec

    thats all…and yes I said hp even if it’s resistance but wtv

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