Constantly moving left

  • Hey, when I played Chivalry today for the first time in like a week my character would always move left even in spectator mode free view. I tried alt tabbing out, leaving game, switching servers, changing keybinds, pressing a then changing perspective and none of them worked. Its pretty game breaking and has never happened before. Please help.


  • I get the same problem every so often in a match, but it always stops after a few minutes. How long did you experience this?

  • is your A key getting stuck?

    do you have a controller plugged in?

  • if you rename you config folder in my documents, and reverify the game cache, do you still get the issue? it might be a config problem

  • I’ve experienced this before it was fixed by unplugging my controller.

  • I had a similar problem where my guy was spinning to the left really fast. Alps found out you could actually play by steering wheel the pedals worked too. Forward and back on the pedals attacks on the D-pad on the steering wheel and I was away. Couldn’t strafe though nor could I look up and down. Also when I turned the wheel its was either LEFT or RIGHT at full speed it wasn’t gradual. I used the alternate server browser as it has Xbox 360 controller support but it will recognise any controller. Or at least my steering wheel.

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