Excessive crashing with latest patch

  • I have been experiencing frequent crashes playing this game for the last 3 patches. I can no longer play because the last crash blue screened my computer, but I will post details if it helps.

    I also very often get the out of video memory error even though I am running a GTX 770, and all of my settings are on low and all the extra graphics options are off at 1920x1080. I have a dual monitor setup, with my operating system on a boot drive C and steam running on my hard drive E. Not sure if any of that matters. My computer can run Planetside 2 on max settings so I doubt I don’t have enough video memory for DW.

    Dxdiag, last 2 launch files included. dmp file was 0kb and can’t be uploaded. Thanks guys.

  • same here man, i’m pretty pissed about it. i’m just hoping they can fix it soon. other wise that’s 45 bucks down the drain, and that’s frustrating buying a game that worked at first but doesn’t work at all now.

  • Im on a 4ghz i7 quad 16gb ram and a hd7970 3gb and I crash like twice every map unless I’m lucky…
    For me it often seem to happen when making crazy kill streaks, leading me to think its a problem with the announcer sounds but its just speculation :P Other than that I’ve also seen a connection to geting shot by pirates, you see the visuals from geting hit and then you crash…

  • Please post in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=103&t=24299

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