Why Multiplay?

  • Does TB get some sort of discount for using multiplay? i just looked up a 24 man server just as an example, and it’s over 38 dollars just for the server. With NFOservers, i was able to get a 24 man in comparison WITH a 20 slot teamspeak server for about 24-26 bucks. And they’re way better servers.

    Why would you guys use multiplay when they’re absolute shit servers when NFO or any other companies servers are much better, AND CHEAPER!?

    When i DID have a server, it was always up, had great pings even for west coasters for the most part, didn’t drop people, no huge insane lag spikes or timeouts, etc.

    If you guys get a bulk discount with multiplay, i’m sure NFO or others would be willing to do the same.


    have you seen how bad the servers are? Have you seen?

  • Because multiplay is offering servers all around the world and more servers from one company = cheaper deal. But I have to agree, multiplay is shit.

  • it’s all about the money my dude.

    if somebody offered you a load of dosh to slap a bunch of nerds across the face and make them dislike you, would you do it? it’s not about optimizing for the consumer, it’s about making the game optimal for your profit. i mean honestly you’re pissing off a bunch of people that are willing to put over 100 hours into a video game, not the next president of the US.

    they could flame me all they wanted, it’s not like i’d be accessing the forums on my new boat.

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