How do you unlock stuff?

  • how do you unlock stuff … like helmets and shit? i only have default stuff and i am lvl 15 atm

  • gaining points and killing people
    if you check your profile you can see a pretty detailed setup of how unlocking tiers works for each class

  • i know that, but when i check my profile most of the stuff say unlocked but i cant equip them and are not even shown at costumisation-.-

  • well customization is a bit buggy right now, but you should still be able to unlock new weapons when you gain ranks

    do you know what rank you are and what rank you need to be to use a certain weapon?
    if you have that rank and you still can’t equip the weapon I got nothing

  • im lvl 16 spartan, i have all the weapons,but it doesnt show the helmet,costum shields,and bare armor…. so yea its bugged i think

  • Yeah it’s pretty bugged. My customizations look really cool in the menu’s, but they never show up in-game since the last patch or two. Sometimes the colors will show up in-game, but that’s rare and even when they do, none of the accessories or the helmet will show. I like the unlock system, but it doesn’t really work that well without 2-5 more accessories/hats per class.

  • At the moment Customization is broken and none of the unlocks show up or customization in general won’t work(colors and emblems) Really hoping TB fixes this today since it launches tomorrow.

  • In answer to the question, unlocks aren’t working properly. In fact, they’re just flat out not working. I can play 3 games in a row with the same class and in game 1 I’ll have access to two weapons, in game 2 have my full arsenal, and in game 3 have half the weapons available.

  • yea ok, as long as other people have this and tornbanner are aware of the problem, all is good… i just thought its only happening to me …

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