Chivalry stopped working

  • Hey, i was away from 30.10. and came home on 7.11. Well, the game broke in the meantime.

    Problem: At the start, the main menu background is all white/green/purple. Rarely it does ‘work’, but the textures are all messed up, horrible lag, commands like moving/attackind dont respond well and after a few minutes it crashes.

    Launch.txt (1.13Mb):
    After a few mins with bots.

    System specs:
    I7 @870 2,8GHz (3,3GHz OC)
    AMD Radeon HD6850
    4GB RAM
    WIN XP PRO 32bit

    Things i’ve tried: Updating video driver. Rolling back to old driver, deleting it and installing the new one again. Deleted Chiv. folder in My Games. Reinstalling the game twice.

    I’ve had this game for about a year now and this never happened before. Was playing on high settings on most maps. Other games work fine.

    Help, i wanna play :(

  • OK, so i ran the ‘Validating steam files; 4 files failed to validate and will be reaquired’. Then it shows that 1 item has downloaded. But nothing has changed, game is still broken and when i run validation thingy again i get the same message (4 files failed…).

    Then i uninstalled C++ 2010 and found that my chivalrymedievalwarfare\Binaries\RedistChiv folder is empty. UDK.exe is also missing.


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