Lost all Unlocks

  • Hello, I have been playing this game for a little bit, I just bought it and it is really fun so far. But, I lost mostly everything I just got. I was level 15, now I am back to 7. I had all the crossbows and I lost a lot of other stuff. I’m very upset with this. Hopefully this is fixed with the expansion since I just bought it. It would be a shame if it wasnt id hate to not play this game anymore to lack of progression. Please assist me to fix this

  • Same issue here. Although, unfortunately for me, it keeps reseting me back to rank 2 with only 1 or 2 weapons unlocked. It gets old VERY fast. I’ve seen posts complaining about this issue that date back to October 2012 and it’s apparently STILL not fixed.

    Wish I read about this game-breaking problem before I bought it … even on sale. I’d rather buy a game that actually saves my progression.

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