Movement speed too high?

  • Hey guys,

    A few things I have been noticing when I ask people how they are finding the (relatively) open beta, it seems to be that a lot of people don’t like the move speed of character models. Personally, I don’t either.

    When fighting another player each model is too fast to actually get hit, and it seems rather easy to just back out of the way, or run in a circle. It feels like you’re fighting on ice and slipping everywhere trying to catch a greased up deaf guy. Is there anyway that move speed could be made (somewhat) similar to the mechanics that are used in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare? Giving them more of a solid impact that it doesn’t feel like we’re on roller blades.

    I know TB is trying to branch out and give it a fresh look on Chivalry (which for the most part it is) however, I just feel basic movement should be more closely examined before release build.

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