Ahoy Mateys Me looking for some help on youtube!

  • Ahoy mateys !

    i’m looking for some people that are willing to help on a new youtube video!

    will you be the next one playing in one of my new videos ??? well you can !

    About Me:

    My name is Max but most know me as Maxv888 im a youtuber with over 8 years youtube experience.
    if had several accounts which where very successful but i started a new account which will be my only account ill be making videos on a few months ago.

    i currently have over 3k subs and my target audience is gamers.

    well what do i need you guys for then?

    im planning on making more chivalry videos and i need a full team of 5 people to play pirates ! YARRR

    Here is a link to my channel so you can see some of my previous work

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/Intoxicat3dGaming

    Some of my chiv vids Below:

    Link 1:


    Link 2:


    all you have to do is fill in this application forum i created below and send it to my skype or pm me.

    In-game (display name) name:
    Steam login name (don’t confuse with display name):
    Do you got skype ?:
    Where do you live:
    Time Zone:
    Available time per day:
    Microphone (noise canceling):
    In-game skill (scale your self from 1-10)
    Anything else i should know ?:

    Arggg hope to see Ye’r By me side on the Field matey’s

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