[Resolved] Ragdoll stretching all over the place.

  • Hi here !

    I’m finally making a thread about this problem since I couldn’t get any clue about it.

    It happens when the player dies , the ragdoll is exploding and stretching to finally get thrown away of the map. Here is a gif i made to visually get it :

    Here is few remarks about it

    • It does not happens when i’m playing with BOTs in the SDK
    • I 've tried after re-importing the manor mesh
    • It happens evrywhere in the map (but only on Malric Manor map)
    • All the collisions settings of the manor mesh are similar to any other one
    • The kismet is only containing the nodes for the LTS mode , nothing more. ( maybe I somehow broke it ? )

    I would relly appreciate any tought or any help. I feel like i’m completly stuck on that one :?

  • Developer

    I’m not sure what’s going on there but if you look at rigid body collision view (show menu > show > collision modes / on the quickflag menu) there’s some funky stuff going on with the blocking volumes. Rigid body is what ragdolls use, I only see this on rigid body. It actually looks likes the rigid body collision from that volume is everywhere outside of the volume itself.

    Also the reflection plane that’s not on the ground appears on rigid body view. If that’s actually colliding with rigid body for some reason it might be trying to cut ragdolls in half.

  • Thanks for the tip ! It turns out i’ve messed with my blocking volumes. Just deleted them all , made some UCB collisions and now it works properly ! :)

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