[RESOLVED] Editor crash on startup

  • I’m attempting to launch the sdk to start working on a custom map but am having some difficulty getting started. I get a crash before the editor fully launches after launching from the 64 bit editor batch file when the status reaches "Loading map: Template_MidDay.umap… (Clearing existing world).

    Btw I currently only have the beta installed not the full game in case that is required which I am installing now just in case and will retry Also, I already had UDK latest version installed on my computer, in case there is some issue with that or I need to be using an older version.


  • Developer

    You don’t need to run the beta version of the game to use the editor any longer. In fact, you shouldn’t use the beta. If the normal game still fails, please attach the log and dump file from C:\Users<user name="">\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Logs</user>

  • Ah thanks, I was not aware the official SDK was launched, and it does work for me. Feel free to close this thread.

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