FFA Scoring Issues

  • Is it just me or with the advent of this “kill joy” point system completely screwed up how FFA scoring works? I regularly see people winning with 4-5 less kills than the 2nd place guy who is trailing by 100 points. Not only does the 2nd place guy have more kills but less deaths than the first place guy.

    Basically what’s happening is the guy with the most kills/kill streaks gets punished for doing well cuz the guy who managed to kill him gets tons of extra points from the kill joy. This puts the less skilled player ahead on the board with less kills. Doesn’t seem right to me.

    This only in FFA btw.

  • I really like the fact that it’s not only about kill count anymore. You’re actually rewarded for surviving and keeping a good k/d. ^^
    Edit: Oh wait. Didn’t read your post thoroughly. But is the killjoy bonus really that big of an issue in terms of scoring? You get what, 50 bonus points on average?

  • In FFA now its less about the kill steals and noob stomping and more about who you kill and how you play.

  • In FFA, wins are only achieved based on kills, even if the scoreboard sorts differently. This feedback is a little confusing and is a known issue, but actually winning requires that you have the most kills.

  • The biggest point gain is Killstreak bonus which you get…well…by killing. So I think it is fine as is.

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