300 fps?

  • I was tinkering with this fps stuff and I hit 500 fps by accident.
    first I swopped the 32 and 64bit folders then turned of the smooth thing to false.

    I went to NVidia panel and sent it to the Gpu.
    after firing up chivalry I was at 500fps? rising slightly , so I became a tad worried at that and headed
    back to that file were you change them to 144? and 22.
    now its at 250fps to 300 fps.
    My question is how an earth can you max it at 120 or 200 fps? as 300fps seems very high.
    this box is QX9770, windows 8, 8gig ram, 240ssd and gtx 580.
    I would guess it could handle this 300fps but still want it to max 120 or 200.
    any geeks about ( geek with bad memory here)

  • Go to My Documents> My Games> Chiv Deadliest Warrior Beta>CDWGame>Config>CDWEngine.ini, Ctrl+F “frame” without quotes, hit enter a few times until you see bSmoothFrameRate=TRUE, scroll down and right below it you can set your MaxSmoothedFrameRate.

    Assuming you were talking about DW. If not, same process(except the folder will be UDKGame instead of CDWGame), a Chiv Medieval Warfare folder should be in the same place as the Chiv Deadliest Warrior Beta, so just do the same process.

  • did you get those frames without having maxsmoothed set to true? if so, how did you manage to get it?

  • Thank you for you help with this mr venom. My rig can handle such things but I always forget what or how I managed to get there when tinkering with fps stuff. I had quake3 at 933 fps and had to delete the configs because of my bad memory and what changes I had done. If by some eclipse of the sun it dawns
    on me I will let you know the changes made to chivalry by me on this box etc :?

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