• about three nights ago i was on a team deathmatch map, and it was populated with players whose lowest rank was 30, and lots of 40’s. It was refreshing to see the top scores were in the teens, not the usual 50 or 60 when there are a lot of 10’s and 20’s. This made for a good game for me beacuse i got into some pretty decent fights. so do you high ranking 40’s prefer a good challenge or do you just enjoy raping new players on a regualr basis.

  • I’m 38, not a pro, but I can handle myself. I’m usually in the top 3 score every battle.

    I prefer diversity. You know you’re improving when there are people worse than you. I wouldn’t like to neither stomp nabs, nor fighting with pros all the time.

    I need to pwn sometimes to feel good, as well as I need to be pwned or at least challenged, to learn and improve.

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