Leveling Up System?

  • Hey :)

    I have an idea for you guys, and that idea is maybe add a leveling up system into the game, upto like 100 or so. That’ll make the game a bit more competitive and you will have to rank up to get new items,armour,weapons and such.

    I think that idea will be a great idea because then people would have a goal in the game to reach a specific level. Also, this idea is good because you can filter servers with people that are just beast and just noobies that started. This will give Noobies advantage of the game to learn more about it and such, but if they played with pro’s then they would die pretty easily because they’re new to the concept of the game and such :)

    Hope you like the idea ;)


  • I am really against this idea.
    The game is skill based,shouldn’t be about farming to kill newbies

  • I am also against it if this has any effect on the gameplay.

    And if it has no effect, then it only serves to glorify older players and that’s not quite useful.

  • Fuck no.

    It’s bad enough we have unlocks and they changed the name to Medieval Warfare.

    It should NOT go FULL on Call of Duty.

  • What would be the point? Either the more experienced players would get to pown the noobs even more than they already do, or level 10s would always be matched against level 10s which makes the leveling bonuses pointless anyway.

    The great thing about non-leveling balanced fighters is, when you are matched in a duel - and win - its because your skills were the best. Not because you are 5 levels higher or have a magic +5 sword that you bought with your moms creditcard.

  • There are already ranks, but they don’t do anything gameplay-wise, and unlocks but they don’t take that long to acquire.

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