Modding Bots for Cooperative Play

  • Hi everyone, this is my first post here but not my first time modding. I always wanted to make a Co-op server with smarter bots but with the current state of bots, and bot server functionality, its extremely hard to get it working properly, and when it does, its very dubbed down/broken and basic (this may have improved last time I tried 4-5 months ago, ie. auto-team balancing, ability to remove bots from one team to another, please let me know if otherwise)

    I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction on where to get started with modding the bots and server support. I understand that the release one of SDK support does not support coding in steam workshop, im ok with that as long as I can release work later in workshop for everyone to use.

    First things id like to accomplish are:

    -Creating/Improving pathing/decision making for bots on official/custom maps with different objective types
    -Co-p Server functionality that allows bots to be placed on one team, automatically scaling for every player that joins
    -Diversified, less predictable bot combat.


    Is this possible with current SDK tools/modding support?

    What files are key to get started in?

    Is the server functionality mentioned above possible?

    Thanks, I look forward to hearing from people on this!

  • man its a shame that not 1 person answered your post, I just saw it when looking for how to upload custom maps to a server.

    I am the one person running a bot server though :)

    u still interested?

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