Running on very low spec computers

  • I’ve run through other Unreal Tech engine game guides/forums and put together a config file that allows my wife’s laptop (i5 with Intel video) to run the game.

    It goes in:

    C:\Users[ Username ]\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Deadliest Warrior Beta\CDWGame\Config

    but be sure to back up your version of the file. There’s no guarantee this will work on your computer today, or still work tomorrow.

    It looks Quake 2 era, but it works:

    It massively lowers the texture resolutions, shadow/lighting quality, and level-of-detail biases. There’s probably some more tweaking someone can do if they want to put the time in.

    The only issue I’ve seen is that the Bamboo Forest level has a black block across the center screen in patch 3-3.5. I haven’t checked patch 4. But that bug occurs on her chipset regardless of the config file (original or changed):

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