Samurai arsenal

  • Katana - solid, balanced weapon as far as I can tell, but I think it’s a little underwhelming compared to the big two-handers.

    Wakizashi - weird and gimmicky. Overhead is really hard to block. Still manages to be ineffective and unpopular, I imagine because it’s so short and pathetic-looking.

    Kanebo - haven’t used it much. Seems balanced, maul-style weapon that’s good for team support.

    Yari - Very good for team support and ability to combo makes it great against slippery classes like ninjas. Being able to hit pirates with that extra foot of reach before they can fire on you is also useful. The slash seems weak and the range isn’t great but it’s good for catching someone trying to flank you.

    Nodachi - Not what it used to be, especially because of the …

    Naginata - What’s up with this? The stats might be wrong, but it outclasses the nodachi in every department. Compared to the katana, it’s only slightly slower but with extra damage and much greater reach. I haven’t used this one too much but it seems to be the flavor of the month slash-spam weapon, and works great since so much of the game relies on footwork to escape attacks.

    Yumi - Just weird as well, because it kind of sucks. I’m not a great shot but the bows drop and projectile speed make it much more useful at midrange, and the pathetic amount of damage you do often doesn’t seem worth it unless you’re trying to countersnipe someone or are low on health.

    The thing is, why wouldn’t you take the yumi as a secondary? The game doesn’t give you any incentive to take two melee weapons, so we have loads of samurai hanging back and plinking during samurai vs spartan matches, accomplishing absolutely nothing. It looks ridiculous.

    Footwork and reach are very important because it’s much easier to evade attacks now. The katana is supposed to be the samurai’s signature weapon but it definitely feels outclassed by the naginata and yari.

  • Wakizashi destroys ninja.

    And I also prefer the katana over the No-Dachi and naginata.

  • I always use katana as samurai because its the only weapon im used to irl, i used to take the bow as secondary, but as you said it isnt that effective.

    i think its a bit dissappointing though because you are a bit worse than a ninja with their sword an shurikens, but ill keep using it until im better

    edit: personally i would rather have a weaker katana that is rarely used than an op katana that everyone runs around with

  • I like the katana the best but it seems to be underwhelming.
    Guan Yu’s weapon is op, and it should be, look at it it rapes.
    Haven’t used the bigger sword or the yari spear much. Bigger swords too slow with little stopping power now compared to the other bigger weapons. ;o
    The bows great, last patch made it sexy strong. I snipe people all the time just like old school archer. My one complaint is I have 10 arrows, should have 15.

  • I don’t take the bow often. What i usually take is a heavy weapon and katana secondary.

    Or take katana and yari.

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