Gamer Sense

  • This is one area that is often overlooked by admins/players. Some of you will have spent years in the fps scene.
    The hardcore gamer has a Developed Sense after 100’s of hours in his/her fav game.
    When such a player with a strong force sense =p , thinks something is not right about his last battle
    or the way he got fragged quite often they are actually right and in some cases with further enquires
    are proved correct. Is the Force strong in you? Can you sense a disturbance in the arena you fight in?

    try to get an experienced admin a hardcore gamer admin, or even just communicate to other gamers privately about such things and they can often sneak off and confirm it for themselves.

    we don’t all have time to record a demo with arrows and crayons and names with ip numbers and steam aliases , when quite often a cheat will be gone in a few minutes knowing how long it takes to be rumbled.

    Just because some lazy disbelieving admin can’t get of his ego and actually go and take a look or
    make further enquires unless a filmed documentary is presented to them with the full blown premiere…
    nuff said. :)

  • Honestly i feel this sentiment leads to group think. Outside ideals need to be talked about across any spectrum of thought. The concept that a single(group) authority can and will always be right is just a pipe dream. While you should value these thoughts they need not be complete.

  • I’m not sure which admin has blown you off asking for proof before acting.
    But did you try talking to another admin?

    Also while a-lot of people have a sense of things out of a grown acclimatization to a certain reality of a game this is not completely shared. And like in our real lawful reality- feeling something is wrong does not warrant it evident enough to act.

    Acting on ‘the force’ is not justified because it is not accurately measurable. While captured evidence are.
    Though if you have not got the time to invest into prosecuting these violators I do not see the point in complaining about the issue. The solution starts with you and how dedicated you are. Nobody is here to wipe anyone’s butt for them. I think that a veteran video gamer would support this. Saying you should use the force doesn’t.

  • So basically a lazy player who wont record anything but expects an admin to immediately act on this players “game sense”… got it

  • i, too, was bitten by a radioactive gamer many years ago and ever since i have developed a sixth sense for people cheating in online gaming battles. when will the establishment open their eyes to our breed? some people call us vigilantes but to many of the poor, defenceless citizens of public servers we are heroes.

    in all seriousness though there are plenty of rational reasons for needing clear and demonstrable evidence of cheating before a drastic step (like being banned from all official servers or being vac banned or whatever) is taken. in a different game i was banned from a host of servers by an admin who was absolutely convinced that i was aimbotting and wallhacking. it was only when other admins showed videos of recorded demos (with the benefit of things like slow-mo and transparent walls etc) that the admin realised his error. it needs more than suspicion alone to convict someone for cheating otherwise it just becomes a guessing game.

  • I think the issue with this is that there aren’t admins online when someone is looking for a hacker, so in this case, we DO need the proof so we can fully review it. I do ask when doing a video, to do it for more than 10 seconds though as you can’t really get much out of that.

    If an admin is online but gives you a “I don’t feel like it” message or something else that isn’t valid, please email me more details. Our admins are pretty active and we usually have someone on all the time. And I’m always available as well if needed.

  • If you don’t give us his steam ID we can’t even take a look.

    And who’s to say you aren’t blaming someone just because you hate them.

    A good admin will only ban someone when he has the evidence to prove it.

    A bad admins will ban someone just Because someone else told him so.

  • This was just a misunderstood post I did explain to the mods , but as for the blocks of wood
    they will remain in a dark room. No sense at all almost laughable tbh or sad :)
    The Content is cool and thormi - if your referring to a game known to me the only way to really
    be sure is to study the packet timings etc. Lemon you need to get out more spend time with the elderlemons, I am sure they miss you =p.

  • What have you been smoking.

  • Its not a question of what he was smoking but where you can get some yourself :jlaff:

  • @User:

    Its not a question of what he was smoking but where you can get some yourself :jlaff:

    That was going to be my second question.

  • His gamer sense is tingling.

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