One Last Patch?

  • Capture the Loot* ;)

  • @Strudel:

    Any chance FFA might be turned into a minigame on TO/LTS/TDM/CTB servers? To act as a sort of waiting room until the required number of players join.
    That’s pretty much it’s sole function at the moment, only getting people to change servers en masse is becoming a painful exercise.

    Oh and is Capture the Banner still planned for release?

    I hope not, if im understanding what your saying.

    I think FFA servers in most games are non-existant nowadays. Its nice to finally have that option.

  • Could keep both.

  • So is this last patch today?

  • Tomorrow most likely.

  • I really hope that improvements to bot AI will be made, they are incredibly stupid and can’t do anything right except for swing wildly.

    I would also be quite happy if, when the bomb cart explodes in battlegrounds and sends you flying, that I don’t die in mid air due to fire. I want to crash heroically as peasants look on in shock at my amazing accomplishment, and also at the massive amount of debris flying off from my crash site. I want to be a meteor.

  • I hope you will add in next patches Blood and damage texture decals on walls !

  • Tibberius said thats coming after launch.

  • After that the game will be perfect for me !

  • Once the voice chat is fixed then the game will be perfect for me. It’s already great, with working voice chat, it would be crazy fun.

    I was playing with my friend last night and he was voice chatting while he won a 3 v 1 in LTS lol. He did his own battle cries :P

    It managed to work for that moment but still sounded cruddy and cut in n out.

    I suspect voice chat might be push to talk and voice threshold activated at the same time currently. Though I haven’t tested and may just be wrong n it doesn’t work atm at all lol.

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