Editing Server Config Files

  • Good day,

    I’ve been having a grand time with the Moorland Skirmisher server and would like to increase this fun.

    Is it at all possible to change settings in the configuration file such as Engine.HUD, round limit, Ping Limit Kick, etc. I know, it sound like the answered are quite apparent and appear to be simple, although I’ve had difficulty especially with round limit modification.
    I would appreciate hearing from people who have actually modified these files (or other cool ones) with success.

    I’m exploring the possibility of preventing Friend-HUD and adjusting Team Damage, Auto Ping Limit Kick and the primary ROUND LIMIT and TICKET limits.
    These all look to be customizable but in the past I’ve altered some of these and the server requires a clean install to get it back up.

    Any insight would be awesome!
    Thanks in advance,

    -Baron Von Moorland

  • Ping kick is broken and has been since release.

    Round time limits are tied to the map as far as I know. So you would actually have to mod the map to change the round time.

    Team damage can be altered. Somehow. I haven’t tried myself but there are servers out there currently with altered team damage. Haven’t seen a no team damage servers but I’ve seen a 10% team damage server and the rest altered to 100% team damage. 0% team damage might not be possible.

    And you might be able to alter the amount of tickets in TDM.

  • fServerTeamDamagePercent=0.500000

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