Oh dear.

  • I have spent over 100 dollars at this game buying for friends and early access for vanilla chiv, and after 300 hours of playing here is my opinion:

    To spend so much of your dev time adding what coders call “gold plating” is really weird. If you want to stay afloat as a studio for more that a short time, then the core selling point of the game which is the close quarter fighting part needs to be solid. Even crazy valve did not add tons of gold plating to TF2 like hats and extra weapons before the core game was good enough as a product. People will not care about how the customisation makes people in the game look supremely fabelous, if the actual game play is so laggy, unintuitive and simply random that the selling point of the game which is “slashing” is so bad that the knife fights of the gun game CunterStrike is more competetive.

    You are a indie dev so you need a niche market to sell too, it is close quarter fighting that you are making sales from and not how ugly the puke green and pink coloured pirate look. But you are probably too busy thinking about how to add more gold plating to realise this.

  • Team Objective is the bread and butter. It adds so much to a hack and slash game.

    Precision swordplay with no bugs on an old engine is a nice to have but the masses are pleased with where it is now. Adding depth to the gameplay through strategic maps that balance brains with brawn is how to improve it IMHO.

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