What is the unblockable stab I've been seeing lately?

  • Just recently in duels people have figured out to completely bypass blocks with stab. No matter how I position myself, these guys bypass my block completely. It’s usually knights doing it. I’ve never had a problem blocking stabs before from any class.

    The game goes through trends where new techniques are passed on through one another. What is this new unblockable stab? Are they somehow doing a drag with stab? Anyone care to explain?

  • Probably they are stabbing to your side and then dragging the weapon into you once the tracer is beyond the shield. This is particularly effective with longer weapons but you can do it with anything.

  • Some possibilties:

    (1) The sneaky stab from the tutorial:
    The trick is as old as the game itself and people still rage about it. The basic execution is:

    • look (slightly) to the right of your enemy
    • if in reach of your weapon start a stab
    • move your mouse to the left while strafing right
      This attack usually hits the unprotected side of an unsuspecting enemy (right behind his shield or parry). Best pulled off with a onehanded sword or Holy Water Sprinkler but it works with almost every weapon. Variations include a jumping attack (think of Troy) and a passing attack (replace “look” with “move”). The basic idea is to drag your weapon behind your opponents defense.

    (2) Ghost weapon dragging
    The one BillDoor described.
    Here you abuse the fact that weapons don’t have a collision hitbox during windup. You just start your stab while the tip of your weapon is inside your enemy and then drag it elsewhere. If you start it on his left side and he turns there move to his right. As most people operate by using their eyes and common sense they won’t expect the damage coming from the other side. This one is literally bypassing your blocks (a similar tactic is overly delaying an attack to get a combo in - here your weapon bypasses the block/parry during release).

  • It’s all about knowing how to manipulate hit tracers and dragging them past peoples parry/shield box. To counter this, you normally have to do some extreme drags yourself. You’ll see this a lot with spears at close range. Because the weapon hit tracers will more than likely start inside the player, the spear user can drag the spear and register a hit on you from your side. This means you have to turn quite a bit to one side to block some spear attacks when you are very close range. The same can be applied to most weapons but I’ve found spears to be one of the best examples as they have the longest range as well as being very susceptible to dragging.

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