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  • If there’s autobalance (which I could have sworn TB said they added), it doesn’t seem to be working on any of the official servers. If there’s no autobalance…how exactly did this game get released without it?

  • @CeeCe:


    If there’s autobalance (which I could have sworn TB said they added), it doesn’t seem to be working on any of the official servers. If there’s no autobalance…how exactly did this game get released without it?

    Well I’m getting autobalanced soooooo…

    Put a strike through it on the chance it’ll come up again ;)

    Really? Team stacking has still very much been a part of the game for me, and I’ve been on official servers…odd.

  • The LTS one sounds more like user error? Admittedly, the round time can be too short to hunt people down on larger maps. Still…

    Anyway, all options buttons produce textfields which say textField when first clicked. Displays appropriately on second click. Happens again next restart.

    Attempting to throw a shuriken at the wrong point of the shuriken throw recovery animation causes a shuriken to be used, but not thrown.
    To repo: face wall, mash throw button as fast as possible until all shuriken thrown. Note only 3 shuriken in wall.

  • EXP DOES NOT (always) SAVE. It makes people get mad

  • No matter what you have on your shield, on your back it looks like this:

    Crashing is quite bad now, it breaks steam too. This REALLY needs a fix now

  • Attack grunt sound sometimes plays during a feint.
    I’m surprised this hasn’t been pointed out very much (if at all), happens to me frequently.

    Edit: Haven’t played live version enough to confirm whether it’s still here or not.

  • Autobalance does work but it could be more effective, it should auto balance after each round if a team has 2 players more than any other team and it should NOT switch the best player of the team more players. It’s not fun making sure your team wins for a few rounds and then getting balanced to a different team.

    Instead, switch over someone with a lower or lowest score.


    Also there seems to be an issue with the game or servers where after a while your FPS starts to drop, I might get around 60-70 fps and the next day it’s 120, same server, same amount of people. Seems to be happen on all servers.

  • End of game text issues, aka can’t type without going team selection.

    Also, just want to point out that its slash and the overhead that use only red tracers. The Stab has some green.

  • The names above players disappear for me after a few rounds, both for enemies and teammates.

  • just some random bugs i encountered in one round lts playing as a viking mainly that were mostly already part of the “beta”

    -ranks don’t reliable work and are only updated occasionally
    -autobalance –-
    -big fps drops, though fjord really is the most stable map
    -votekick pop up misplaced, still doesnt minmize or disappear after you voted
    -emote menus not properly updated, still missing/empty voice commands
    -spawn points are still strange and depending on the size of the group at least 1 person gets seperated and spawns somewhere else within a rather huge range

    viking class
    -throwing weapons no matter if you have some left often makes your whole arsenal disappear and get the famous t-pose in which u can do nothing but wait for smb to struck you in order to get back to normal

    -thrown shield can be picked up or rather get stolen by a teammate even though he still has his own (it was on my mate’s back), might be concerning all viking weapons if it is reproduced by wearing a weapon on back

    -thrown weapons often disappear in a black whole that must have been placed somewhere under the map

    -still missing fixed collusion at the small corridor ramp at the right upper part of the map if the sea is considered as the top
    -snow only starts falling down when leaving shelter, snow always falls down when being without even in areas with shelter; no real issue but still sth that i keep on noticing

    other class balancing stuff aside sth i needa mention and that just made angry (xD) are the pirate saber and the ninja sword, both seem to have broken, too long stab tracers as well, might be their insane running speed too but still it looks very strange getting killed like that

  • FFA doesn’t save exp in particular for some reason.

    Spear throw hits still silent.

  • just got the “t-pose” with samurai when aiming with the bow and getting myself hit melee then, i was trying to change weapons which made my whole aresenal disappear again, i still had the crosshair of the bow though. from third perspective actually it wasn’t a t-pose but looked like i was having bow and katana equipped at the same time.

  • -Some thrown projectiles make no sound as they fly-by or hit. Very annoying. Most commonly with spartan primaries I just suddenly go to black and white and flinch, and have to find out why.

    -Poleaxe has desinched hands for its riposte attacks, appears that hands are faster than the weapon movement, looking rather odd.

    -HUD problems, at least on my resolution. Ammo counter is ugly, names that appear on the bottom of the screen are only visible from half.

    -When I play knight, I use the veteran helmet ATM. But every new game I have to re-equip it else I’ll have no helmet. I believe this is issue connected with using an unlock item, and since it sometimes takes several moments for unlock weapons to unlock after a new games starts, the game assumes I don’t have the helmet unlocked and so it equips the default headgear (nothing).

    -Viking, despite having his shield thrown and unequipable, it appears on his back.

  • Hello,

    I am surprised this bug has not already been reported, all my friends trying to play have met it:
    when configuring keyboard input, or even without doing anything, sometimes the configuration will randomly change, assigning different buttons than the one I set up.
    E.g. I set up my mouse thumb buttons to the different kinds of attacks, I validate, get back to the game, and try to change a weapon: impossible. I go back to the settings, and I can see my weapon change configuration has changed so that the thumb mouse buttons are set up to weapon changes too.

    Or today, I had managed to have my setup work last night, and during a duel my setup changed so that the ‘a’ got assigned to alternate overhead, without a reason.

    • The menu you open with esc can’t be closed with esc.

    • The first time I started the released game, most buttons were completely randomly bound - e made me turn left etc. Most buttons weren’t even assigned at all. After restarting and looking in the controls everything seemed fine, actually I had to press reset though.

    • In 2 duels so far both my oponent and I didn’t spawn, but were rather assigned to the spectators with the camera turned upside down, having to wait for the timer to finish.

    • The whole balancing is a huge bug :P

    • Viking randomly attacks without command after a parry or getting hit. Often when a large combo has been built up.

  • -Helmets and emblems (specifically for knight) don’t save
    -Phantom and ghost swings are back (its like a bad case of syphilis, really)

  • Can’t change any of the Utility keybinds…

  • @Borge:

    • Viking randomly attacks without command after a parry or getting hit. Often when a large combo has been built up.

    I know what you’re talking about, but I don’t think it’s random. I think it’s triggered by “stacking” an attack which takes forever to become active. (Maybe if you miss the “riposte-window”?)

  • The Spartan’s shield’s hitbox extends below it towards the legs, making it impossible to hit a spartan in the legs while he has his shield up. Quite annoying.

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