Chivalry Dedicated Servers - Steam Group

  • Hey, with the lack of good community managed servers in Deadliest Warrior I decided to start a steam group so we, as a community, can get some high quality servers up! :D

    Currently I’m paying for two servers myself and the point of the community is to take donations from members and use it to host the kind of servers we want.

    Currently all the servers are hosted By SimRai and located in EU. The servers are also for Deadliest Warrior only for now, but if there’s more interest we will expand to Modern Warfare as well.

    I urge you all to join, even if you can’t or don’t want to donate :D We might be getting private servers that all members can use!

    You can join and see more information at:

    Thank you!

  • Bump for more servers! Pretty much everyday every server with a ping less than 100 is full, so I’m sure people would enjoy more servers and we can make it happen :D

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