The age old server browser glitch…

  • Can it be? Can it truly be, that torn banner studios have still failed to sort out this age old glitch? Seems to be a total lottery whether my server list actually loads, and woe betide me if I should attempt to join a ‘full server’, because then my list most assuredly goes entirely.

    You know, what I hated most about old chivalry was the amount of times that I had to quit out and restart steam just in my daily rage-fest to get into servers, because frankly - that shit is basic. Is it really still happening? Seriously?

    Which leaves the question - are you professional games developers or are you total amateurs? Never had trouble with a server browser on anything else. Christ on a bike. Might just set fire to my own face.

    Edit: You can’t do that.

  • LOL!

    You rage as bad as me!

    Yeah then you get on a server and find out the whole thing is fucked up.

    Thinking of taking a break from the game untill next patch after a fewhours of gameplay cant take this crap not at full release, like I said which should not be released yet.

  • andd, after a few minutes of play, im back on the forums again because - my server browser crashed again upon looking for a new game.

    Fuck this, im just going to play something else

  • I almost exclusively use the steam server browser. The friends tab works great (and from here you can properly add favourites). Can even join a server that way in spite of the new launcher, which was a pleasant surprise.

  • @dudeface:

    almost exclusively use the steam server browser.

    i managed to open it but can’t filter for deadliest warrior? how to do so?

    what i found funny besides my search was discovering the server browser for “pirates,vikings and knights” instead.
    i already knew chivalry was a remade or tribute to age of chivalry, but deadliest warrior is a remade from “Pirates, Vikings and Knights II” like serioulsy?! x’D,_V … Knights_II

    holy shit!! you can swim and have a parrot fighting for you! and i felt that was missing for dw… x’D

  • I fix this for myself by closing steam, going to

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam

    and deleting the file clientregistry.blob. It gets remade once you start steam back up.

  • @filthypeasant:

    i managed to open it but can’t filter for deadliest warrior? how to do so?

    Ah, no, I meant that the friends tab works. The regular part only does Source Engine games or something. I prefer to play with people on my friends list anyway, so it works out for me.

    Oddly, if you want to add a Chivalry server to your steam favourites, adding it by IP address / port does not work. However, if you see a server in the friends tab, you can right-click it there and add it to your favourites. Thereafter it will ping and report player counts correctly (and you can see which players are on it).

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